Giving great gifts isn’t just tradition, it’s an art form. At Aston Baby, we’ve hand-selected a collection of soft textures, heartfelt messages, and joy-inspiring motifs that any family will cherish. We started our journey in 2015 making gift bundles filled with treasures from heirloom-worthy nursery blankets to drool-worthy handcrafted bibs. Along the way, when we had trouble finding shoes with the right fit for own own little ones, we started our own line of timeless, deliciously simple baby shoes.

The treasures you’ll find in our shop blend thoughtful, practical design with a classic style. We’ve curated an array of small batch products made with quality craftsmanship—we choose the best of the best to make it simpler for you to give truly amazing gifts.

Since we’re still a small shop (run mainly during nap times—or with three children in tow) we have been focusing on getting our original design, The Shaughnessy Shoe, on more little feet. Follow our journey and look for The Jericho Shoe, our latest model coming from Vancouver’s shores!

Aston Baby was founded by Rebecca Aston in 2015, and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Most days, she is caring for her not so littles, now aged 7 and 5.