We started out because we wanted to make amazing gift bundles for new Moms filled with small shop treats that they would love.  Along our journey we started making some little shoes, because we couldn’t find the perfect fit for our little bundles and it turned out that you all LOVED them! Since this is still a small shop (and run mainly during nap times and or with three children in tow) we have been focusing on getting The Shaughnessy Shoe on more little feet, which has been so much fun.

Our principles are still to be classic, stylish and with small batch quality craftsmanship.  Follow our journey and look for the next little shoe coming soon from Vancouver’s shores – The Jericho Shoe!

Aston Baby was founded by Rebecca Aston in 2015.  Most days she is caring for her three littles aged 4, 2 and 0, with her littlest having Williams Syndrome and adding a new dynamic of adventure to their lives.