Our shoes are now in all the best baby boutiques across Canada, where you can shop online or in store. If you want some help to find one near you, contact us!

Aston Baby Updates

Some shop news to share with you guys. Our shoes will now only be available at your local baby boutiques, I will be closing our online shop.

Your local shops are set up for great customer service, excellent selection and they support little brands like this one. I wasn't able to provide the service you needed when life got in the way, and our retailers have teams to go a great job at just that!!

We have so many great little shops across canada who support Aston Baby and you can shop with them in store or online. If you cant find one near you, just DM me!

Thanks @cath_roman for this gorgeous pic.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Rebecca ❤❤❤

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Settling back in after a long summer on the wild west coast.
The shop is now open and stock is here, ready to go! ✌

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Thinking of ordering a pair of shoes to go with your cute summer outfit? Last chance to order will be June 22 before we close up the online shop for the summer.

We will be back on September but taking a little time out. My kids are growing too fast to be missing out on these summer days with them! 🌞🌊⛱

The gorgeous little is from @laurenandlittle. Thank you for the great shot😍

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Our three styles in all the neutrals you could ever want!
The Lonsdale, The Jericho and The Shaughnessy each named an area in our lovely city. Now in stock @activebaby_ca across town.

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Neutrals have always been the favorite and are now finally back in stock. Website was just updated!

Thank you for your patience! As life happens, sometimes updating websites gets pushed further down the list.

Love this shot from @cath_roman.


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Have you ever seen a more gorgeous shot of a shoe!? Seriously?

Thank you @foxandastronaut 🙌

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Logging back in after a good Christmas break and absolutely love all the cute photos of your little ones in our shoes over the holidays. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!! Made my day. ♥️♥️♥️ ...

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An early Christmas update from us because its 2020, and anything goes!

Our online store will be closing for orders at midnight Friday, Dec. 4th (tomorrow). My family are moving house and as a home based business it is just one thing I need to put down at the moment as I won't be able to commit to timely deliveries. Moving mixed with Christmas (a big season for us) already has my hands full.

The good news is that we have so many great retailers all across Canada who are in need of their locals to show up and show support. Give them lots of love of you can!! Please DM if you want to find a retailer near you.

Sending lots of love, peace and joy for the season ahead and that each of you may fine renewed hope in a baby born in the midst of chaos. ❤❤❤

The cutest little pic from @laurrmg. Thank you!

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Re-stock is live on the site now. We have got Tan back in-stock in all styles, including the new Lonsdale shoe!


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Our new stock is arriving today and will be on the website by Friday. It may be there earlier, so if you really have your heart set on something, check in earlier.

Also, if you have been on our website recently but weren't able to checkout because of a captcha, we have fixed that🤦‍♀️

Thanks for supporting this small business. If you know of others we could be supporting this Christmas, please comment here or DM me, I would love to share them in our stories.

#comingsoon #shopsmall #smallshopYVR

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This is where I want to be today... cozied up, warm and dry.

Vancouver is currently under an 'atmospheric river' which is as wet as it sounds 😂

I also wanted little Leo to have a permanent place on our feed, he is such a doll. His mom@jadebrittanyblog and I lost our little ones at the same time and I have so enjoyed her openness that helps normalize the grief after loss. Give her a follow!

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Slowly strolling into fall over here. The sun is gone (thanks smoke!), the schools are open and a new season is upon us🍁🍃🍂

Anyone else feel like life in this new world is all a little surreal?!

Also, loving all the gorgeous photos we have been tagged in. Thanks @paraladah for catching this sweet scene.

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Not ready to say goodbye to summer yet but these gorgeous shots are tempting me!

Lovely stack lay by @amandahosmer_


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Baby steps...

Their seems to be a shift happening where the real big things in life are getting the correct amount of attention. Equality. Love. Empowerment.

We are all learning how to do better and make better decisions. We are learning what we say matters, what we do matters and where our money goes matters.

We have seen a huge amount of orders because I think people are trying to do their part locally to support where they can. Thank you!

I know I have personally been so much more conscious of our spending and where our money goes and always trying to chose the best option that supports our community. I have also seen small business like @jaxandlennonco raise over $30,000 for amazing local causes in one week. It was astonishing and inspiring. That is why I support small businesses when I can.

What good have you seen come out of this crazy time?!

📸 @3littlefireweeds (a gorgeous snapshot of life in the Yukon)

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Spotted this cutie ready for summer with some of our favourite brands in Quebec!


DM if you are in Quebec and want to find us in some beautiful retail shops!

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Oh come one, does it get any cuter than this?! Bouncy dress, knee highs and Mary Jane's. Thanks for sharing @meg_went ...

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On Mothers day, I went for a solo walk and thought about what I would want my kids to know if I was ever to leave this world without saying goodbye. Melodramatic for a celebratory day, I know, but having lost my Mom without a goodbye, it got me thinking.
I came up with these three things. They are very personal to me but I thought I would share. I am also genuinely interested on what you would say!! If you are feeling brave, please tell us!

So there were many things about fun, adventure, love, etc., but these were my three.
1. Never make a decision based on fear. It helps make sure you are not living life too easily and will always get the greatest rewards. Plus failure can help us too!

2. Know your God for yourself and know Him well. Nobody can do this for you, you have to stand on your own two feet and great gifts come from knowing Him.

3. Never lose hope.
These are so so personal, and I know everyone has different values, so please tell us what do you want your child to learn from you?? Rebecca

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We have been quiet over here but still loving every part of the previous pictures you tag us in! Look at these baby rolls, come on!! ♥️♥️♥️ Like many of you, we have just been adjusting to life amid the pandemic. Most of this show down had been great, time with my girls, time with my husband and getting stuff done around the house. It has also been a time where more daily discipline and thought had been needed. Focusing on the things I can control and just praying for those things I can't.
Forging through tough times isn't new to us, as many of you know! And I know that through trials and pain, something new is always born.
#lookup #littlebylittle #nothingwasted

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Anyone else savour the sweet slowness this Easter? Even though this time has brought new challenges to everyone, financial, social, emotional, we hope you can enjoy the simplicity of it all.
For us, it has been a joy to be with the kids so much. Which I never thought I would say! I think since they have so much of our time and attention, they seem less grumpy, needy and frustrated. I think all this time, they haven't wanted more classes or play dates or movies. They have just wanted us.
Anyone else notice that?!

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