Baby showers for beginners

Beginner at baby showers? We can help! It can be a tricky mix of fun, food, and practice giving that often spans family, friends, and colleagues so trying to get a good vibe can sometimes feel awkward. Here are some top tips on a successful baby shower.

Baby showers for beginners

Bring on the food. People always mix and mingle over food, there is just something about eating together that takes down barriers. Even if it is small snacks or a couple of savory appy’s, give people some space to settle in, have a bite, and share stories about the mother to be. Be inspired here.

Name tags! Corny yes but can save some super awkward moments when you can’t remember someone’s name.

Have fun with the new Mom (if she is up for it!) For some, this is just too cheesy, so check with her first. But a great list of fun baby shower games is here for you to choose from. Great games here.

Think about how you can all support your friend in the coming weeks. Will, you set them up a food rota with your friends (this site makes meal train simple) or all bring a meal she can put in her freezer and them throw in her slow cooker (this is a great site for slow cooker recipes) or take turns babysitting in the months to come. Your job as a friend isn’t finished after the games and fodder, your loved one is going to need you!

Make it beautiful. Pinterest is your friend here, also if you have a friend who is great at making things look gorgeous delegate it to them! More ideas here.

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    We should try this baby showers ideas especially for beginners . This would really mean a lot. Thanks for notching this one out.


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