Best things from the world of babies this week – Halloween, Pumpkin Patches and Zika Free Babymoons

From Aston Baby HQ, a beautiful, random mix of the best bits from the world of babies this week. Sharing is caring.

Best things from the world of babies this week – Halloween, Pumpkin Patches and Zika Free Babymoons


Halloween and cute baby costumes


Halloween was my favorite holiday growing up however, after having kids I wondered more about how we should ‘celebrate’ halloween as I wondered what we were actually celebrating – candy? death? fall? Also, with my husband being from the UK he thought the whole thing was weird and assumed our kids wouldn’t participate. After toying with the idea that we wouldn’t ‘do’ halloween because of its original roots being a little more sinister than expected, we have decided to go for it to enjoy it as a great community event with our friends and neighbors; a time engage with culture while trying to be clear with our kids as they grow that we celebrate light and not darkness. We will tackle that later and for now enjoy the incredibly cute costumes!

For an easy go-to, Costco and Winners always have a decent selection but go now, by October they are all sold out! If you are looking for some inspiration to possibly make your own, check out the cute baby costumes on Huffpost. My most favorite costume for little crawlers are the baby skunks! As they crawl around they really have the exact same waddle as a skunk, it’s perfect.

If you are up for dropping a little more to get something gorgeous, check out the costumes at Pottery Barn kids. They are expensive, but oh so gorgeous.

Top two Pumpkin Patches near Vancouver


A great day out for kids and a break from the ordinary for Mom or Dad. These two pumpkin patches are my favorite each for different reason.

Laity pumpkin patch is a little further from Vancouver, but I have gone there since I was a kid. We used to take a loonie and give it to the boy on the way out and that was that. They now have many more fun things to do there, like a petting zoo, maze and wooden milking cows for kids. It is great if you can make it out to Pitt Meadows.

Country Farms pumpkin patch are also awesome! Come for the day and expect to nearly cry as you take a hay ride with a banjo singer singing ‘what a wonderful world’ while you kid sways along. It’s really idyllic. On retrospect perhaps I was a little hormonal when we visited but it is still great!

Babymooning and zika


I know this is the definition of a first world problem but Zika has really cramped by babymoon plans. Traveling from the west coast of Canada is already restricting as it can feel very far from anywhere and now most of the Caribbean is out! We then looked at South Asia, and that’s out too! Australia is feeling a little far with one-year-old and three-year-old so Hawaii or California it will likely be. If you are up for the stop overs or live on the east coast, here are some ideas for some good zika free babymoons or zika free destinations.

Lastly, if you missed the launch of our lovely little shoes, you can now pre-order them here!


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