Christmas gifts for Mom 2016

Christmas gifts for Mom 2016

Your first Christmas as a Mom can bring a renewed sense of wonder to the occasion as you slowly start to see the joy it brings the little ones. Your first Christmas with your little one can still be pretty low key, and I think it is the perfect chance for people to shower the new Mom with love and appreciation because, let’s face it, it’s probably been a rocky year! Time to celebrate the many highs and forgive the times you may have been less than cool during the lows. Shower love on them and let them know they are loved.

Christmas gifts for Mom 2016


Mint & Birch Forever Mom Necklace – A new Mom’s heart has been forever changed and captured by something she probably never knew before. The name of her child will forever be written on her heart, and these gorgeous necklaces from Mint and Birch signify that change of heart. You can customise them with the baby’s name but I love the ‘Forever Mama’ triangle necklace because, no matter the road ahead, that is what they will always be!

Scrapbook for the modern Mom – No new Mom wants to forget a moment of that precious first year, it is so cliche, but it really does go so fast! Then after more than one baby, it is hard to keep the memories straight! These are a fun little project for a new Mom to sit back and reflect on the first year.

Universal Cover – For a Mom with a newborn, if she hasn’t got a universal cover for her car seat, that doubles as a nursing cover, these are great! We carry a simple striped universal cover, and if you want more funky patterns, try Milk snob.

Happy spritz – Waking up in the morning when you may have had a long night of feeding or crying can be tough! I love the Good MMorningBeautiful Spritz from Happy Spritz. It adds a little something special to the start of every day.

Dear Loves bracelet – these bracelets are made for nursing Moms (to remember which side they nursed on last), but I think they are just beautiful nursing or not! A simple and beautiful piece of jewelery that is delicate enough to never scratch baby.

Katie Leamon notebooks – I can never get enough of gorgeous stationery, and love opening a fresh new book to scribble my first note. These are gorgeous and start at a reasonable price.

Swell water bottle – Help rid the world of plastic water bottles! These are gorgeous and Swell is a supporter of Unicef to help provide clean water to the worlds most vulnerable children. Easy.

Voluspa Saijo Persimmon candle – Add a little luxury to everyday, these candles so amazing, you won’t regret buying one. The big decision is when to use it, as they smell so great you just want to keep it forever.

Lambswool mini hot water bottle set – Another little something special for cold winter nights. This funky yellow and pink hot water bottle set is something that will be in your family for years, made from lambswool, it is an heirloom piece. Classic and funky, the perfect mix for something special.

Lambswool Rain Boot socks – If you l ike the classic and funky mix, these will also be right up your alley! Beautiful, functional, and classic. They are also the perfect sock to fit into big rain boots. Perfect if you live on the wet coast.

Stories of Motherhood, pocket classic – A lovely little read that is great literary fiction that will entertain and remind you of the timelessness of motherhood and that somethings never change!

Q&A a Day for Moms – A 5-year journal – Never forget the silly things your children ask you, or that you ask yourself for the first five years. A great keepsake for a new Mom to jot down quicknotes that will be fondly remembered later.

Photo book of first year – An easy and quick keepsake book that can be linked straight from their social media account for a beautiful book that reflects on baby’s first year.

Hope that gives you some ideas for Christmas Gifts for Mom 2016!

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