5 tips for the perfect baby shower gift

If you are struggling to find the perfect baby shower gift, here are five handy tips to get you started. A new Mom will often have a long list of the items she has been told to get – diapers, breast pads, nipple cream, etc. They’re all necessities but there is plenty of time for those everyday items in the coming months; now is the time to treat them to something really special. The most memorable baby shower gifts are those that she would never ask for or buy herself, but ones she can treasure, cherish, and enjoy with her newborn.

5 tips for the perfect baby shower gift

Looking for inspiration for baby shower gift ideas? Get started with five handy tips to buy a perfect gift they’ll cherish and last for years to come:

1. Make it personal. Think of her style, is she a classic beauty, more hipster or the true scholar?  Whatever she is, she will want her baby to be also.

2. Size doesn’t matter. Making it a little something special is great too.  Having your home taken over by baby equipment (think swings, playmats, and years of Lego strewn across the floor) is going to happen but it isn’t always welcome!  Don’t be a part of the home-wrecking by buying a big plastic pink castle.  Something small, tasteful and good quality is best.

3. Buy for quality.  Odds are she will have more than one little munchkin, so by opting for quality over quantity they’ll be enjoying your great baby shower gift for years to come.

4. Find something unique. Plush toys, pajamas, and babygrows for the little ones can be great why not try to find something a little less mainstream? Look for a gift that’s unique, individual, and a little bit special.

5. Give it with love.  Notes with encouragement will always go down a treat in this apprehensive time, make sure she feel like a million bucks.

Looking for some baby shower gift ideas inspiration?

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