Meet the maker: Modern Burlap

Modern Burlap has brought us the perfect muslin blanket that is larger than life and can do nearly anything!  The sentiments on the blankets also go a long way in spreading love and joy!   Here is her story and advice on how to support and love a new Mom!

Modern Burlap muslin blankets

Who are you and what do you make?

Hello there!  Hi!  I’m Samantha Lischka.  I’m the owner of a children’s lifestyle brand called Modern Burlap.  I primarily focus on black and white muslin swaddle blankets for baby and child. (See them for yourself here)

Do you have kids of your own?

Yes, I have 2 boys, Rush, 10 months, and Cross, 3 years.  They are my whole world.

What is your favorite thing about creating the perfect baby swaddle?

 My favorite thing is creating the surface patterns for our blankets is seeing the finished product loved by my own children!  (See the beautiful patterns here)

What surprised you most when having your first baby?

 The unending love that simply can’t be put into words. It’s just so unexplainable until you become a mom.

What was the best thing done for you or given to you when you had your first baby?

Our first baby was born a month early, and he had a really hard time eating.  He wasn’t able to breastfeed at all the first month.  For 30 days I pumped and fed him breastmilk from a teeny syringe and eventually a bottle.  When I wasn’t pumping, my husband and I were taking turns feeding and washing bottles or pumping equipment.  It was absolutely exhausting.  After a few weeks, I was ready to give up on breastfeeding.  My husband reminded me that I asked him to tell me “don’t give up” if I had any struggle!  He went above and beyond to provide support and encouragement when I needed it most.  Within a week, our son started breastfeeding, and he was exclusively breastfed for almost 11 months.  My husband’s encouragement meant the world to me.

What is your best advice for friends who don’t know what to get or do for a loved on having their first baby ?

Get involved with your friend’s pregnancy and her life with the new baby.  Greater than any tangible gift is the gift of support (or food) post baby! Be there for your friend and her family, stay connected, offer to bring dinner, and just stop by and say hello! A simple text, a card, a call, or a visit really mean the most.

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