Baby’s First Christmas, Part 1: Advent and Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Baby’s first Christmas is such a great memory for parents, as babies and Christmas both celebrate life, joy and hope that when you combine the two together is the most joyous of all!

Baby’s First Christmas, Part 1: Advent and Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

As I thought of a traditional gift guide, most of the things I thought of that I loved for both my girls first Christmas I wanted either on or before Christmas day or they were little things I wanted to do or have to remember the occasions, so we will do a little blog series on making a great Christmas season for new Mom’s and babies including gift ideas, activities and a few things to start making your own traditions and precious memories.

Advent calendars for kids and babies

Making memories for baby’s first Christmas and starting new traditions as a family is so fun for parents and extended family. One tradition is you can start is how you will celebrate advent, I always loved my chocolate calendar but if you are up for doing a little something different there are some great ideas!

I wish I could claim to be crafty, but alas, I am more of the ‘buy something crafty looking’ sort. I actually love spending time doing crafts as tinkering away feels so therapeutic but I never put the time aside to do it. So there are two streams of advent calendars to go for, make your own of buy one and fill it, each involve some work from the creator, so no getting away from that! Also, as a side noted, making an advent calendar as an early Christmas gift would be an amazing gift to receive as a new Mom, as chances are, they haven’t got round to thinking about it yet and it will be cherished for years to come. So…here are my favorite advent calendars.

For the crafty sort:

For the ‘buy something crafty looking’ sort:

Filling your advent calendar

If you are making the calendar or at least filling it with little gifts for little ones, here are some ideas to get the wheels turning on what to put inside.

Baby’s first Christmas ornament 2016

Marking special occasions is part and parcel of motherhood, as the time and precious moments pass so quickly. Making baby’s first Christmas ornament is a fun little activity and goes on to give you a great memory you cherish year after year. It would also be a great activity for a friend or family member to make with baby and then give on Christmas day (note to Grandparents!), receiving Baby’s first Christmas ornament as a new Mom or Dad would be such a wonderful gift!

If you are stuck for ideas, they abound on blogs or Pinterest. Two that I liked best were the handprint glass ornament, which looks easy enough for Pinterest beginners like me and can be bought in a kit from Amazon, Indigo, etc.  If you are feeling a little more crafty and have a real Christmas tree you can make a cool baby’s first Christmas ornament from the trunk of your tree.

If you want more crafty ideas on Baby’s first Christmas ornament, they abound!

If you are looking to buy a personalized Baby’s first Christmas Ornament, look no further, these are the best ones out there!

Hope you enjoy getting into the Christmas season! Coming up next we will look at great Christmas gifts for new Moms.  Enjoy.

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