Best baby things this week

From Aston Baby HQ, a beautiful, random mix of a few of our favorite things from the world of babies this week. Sharing is caring.

Best things from the world of babies this week

1. Finding childcare in Vancouver

If you are already wondering about how to find child care when you go back to work, I found this child care guide a useful resource for Vancouver! After visiting four preschools last week, I only wish I had found it sooner. This modern mama group also hosts events for pregnant Mama’s, with lots of free goodies!

2. Best photo edit app

Taking pictures of your new babe is second nature when you feel like you want to soak in every moment and remember it forever! When Instagram came out I just loved it because of the filters and the ability to make shabby pictures look lovely.  Now, I love the lightroom app! You can easily take your quick pics of a snoozing babe and add a little light for a perfect pic for grandma and grandpa.  For more photo apps reviews on a great blow read this.

3. Vancouver Aquarium

If you live in Vancouver and looking for a relaxing place to go with babe that may get their senses engaged too, try the Vancouver Aquarium. There is the perfect dark corner nursing chair next to Chester the rescued false killer whale. If babe is asleep you can grab a coffee and enjoy the sunshine or watch the 4D cinema. Get a membership too, it pays for itself in two visits!

4. Birthday party decorations

Planning baby’s first birthday party can be so fun but finding a unique theme can be time-consuming when the timing collides with heading back to work. I came across this local company who have very cute little banners perfect for a first birthday.

5. An article that challenged the way I Mom

Being Momma is draining! The last thing on my mind is usually what I look like or what I am wearing as I usually just want to make it through the day! I read this article on dressing up with your kids and found it really challenged me (in a good way!) to be a little more self-conscious. I love it when three-year-old gets dressed and immediately dances in front of the mirror to show off what she’s wearing. It a good read. The writer of this article also has her own blog, which is always interesting.

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