Give Good Gifts

The reason Aston Baby exists is to inspire you to give good gifts. When I was thinking about starting a company and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I read the book The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki (highly recommend it for any of you entrepreneurs!) and one of his points was to make sure you have real purpose in what you are doing, otherwise when times get tough, you won’t last. And, your purpose must be more than making money!

Give good gifts

After spending time thinking of what I really had a heart for, I realized it was loving my friends and giving encouragement and love, especially when times are rough! For me, a rough time was after my first baby and felt like I never knew it could be that hard! So the idea of Give Good Gifts was born.

To us, giving a good gift is giving the best of whatever you’ve got. It’s being lavish with your time, love support and praise for one another. If you have the means to buy something, we have a perfectly curated assortment to help you do that. If not, read our post on the best gifts for new moms that cost nothing! We want more love going around, that is the best gift.

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