Best bits from the world of babies this week

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Best things from the world of babies this week


Biking with babies

Getting back to the things you did in your life without baby can make you feel human again, what a feeling! But it is a little daunting to try and figure out what equipment you need. The equipment can be a bit of an investment so think carefully. Depending on your budget, there are two pieces of cool kit that I would recommend.

First, is the front baby seat from Bo Bike, a babe can sit on your handle bars once they are big enough to sit up. They have so much fun sitting up front, my daughter used it as her personal stage and sung to her hearts content while riding. If you are hoping for your baby to fall asleep while riding, this isn’t the one for you but great for everything else.
If you have some space and don’t mind dropping a few more bucks, a chariot (now branded Thule) stroller with the bike trailer kit is perfect. It is safe, fun for the kids and they can have a sleep while being fully weather protected. You can take babies out from as young as 1 month with the baby sling insert, if you are up for riding a bike one month postpartum! The chariot can also be used as a regular stroller, jogging stroller or even cross country skiing. This really is the ultimate piece of baby kit! They are also built to last, so you can also check craiglist for a decent second hand one at half the price.

If you need more info and want a wide comparison, check out this article that compares and ranks each bike seat.

Happy riding!


Breast Pads

There is not really a good segway from biking to breast pads so we’ll just say it. If you need great re-usable pads these Bamboobies are the best!! No weird shaped boobs, no leaks and easily washable. One tip – if you wash them in a washing machine make sure you put them in a mesh bag! Mine may have caused a small flood!

If you are not up for ordering online, Toys R Us carry them at a reasonable price.


Best places to go in Vancouver with as a new Mom

We just posted an article of our favorite places to go in Vancouver as a new Mom, make sure you check it out! And we have already found another one to add, if you love donuts (yes please!) check out storytime at Cartems on Main & 6th Mondays at 10.30. Sometimes it is nice to be in a place where all the furniture isn’t made for little people.


Nursing Bracelets

I love coming across new and gorgeous things and found this new little company called DearLovesCo last week, they make perfect little bracelets designed to help you remember which side you nursed on last. Even if you don’t need a reminder (I always had one big and one little which made it obvious!) these bracelets are beautiful, classic and timeless, a perfect gift for yourself or a new Mama. Check them out!


If you missed Best bits from the world of babies last week you can check it out here.

Happy reading!


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