Best things from the world of babies this week

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Best things from the world of babies this week

Baby Books for Modern Mamas

I love taking things back to a more simple time, where precious moments can be cherished in a tangible way for the next generation. Mushy Books are a modern version (e.g. simple, beautiful and timeless) where you can write little notes about your new arrival and save a few precious pieces. I wish I had these since day one, I have hospital bracelets in a box somewhere with a few random notes scrawled in a notebook. Worst of all, after number two came, I stopped writing as it felt a little overwhelming! These are great at prodding you to add a few notes on special moments you would otherwise forget. Buy them online or see where they are stocked in BC or Alberta.

Free printable Door Hangers

I came across these hilarious door hangers to warn knockers of a sleeping baby (free to print from the Pregnant Chicken blog), they are perfect if you are in a small space and knocks will wake the little one or you. Mamas gotta sleep. I also got hooked on their blog and found great articles, like this one, that just makes you feel like a good parent. That is so needed as so many parents feel constantly criticised by strangers or loved ones when usually we are just trying to do what they think is best and make it through the day! More love all around I say! Also, they have a great list of all your pregnancy do’s and don’t with no fluff. Love it!

Best Baby Wet Suit

My husband cannot resist any body of water no matter how uncommon it is to swim in it! Think canals, glacier lakes, big swells, etc. and I knew he would have so much joy in taking our girls out on some adventurous swims so we got a wet suit for aged 0-6 months to give me a little peace of mind about their body temperature (a mother has to worry about something!).  They were a little hard to come across but the Baby Warma has been awesome! They give you peace of mind about baby being warm enough, which is one less thing to think about as they get plunged into deep, cold water! Super easy to get on too as they just wrap around the baby as they lay down and they seem to be comfortable too.  Above is a picture of our little girl in her wet suit before embarking on a journey around a few islands in the Pacific.

Best Article for Girl Moms on Body Image

This article on Huff Post, it is awesome. I LOVE it. Raising girls is scary -, so much pressure, expectation and vanity is put on them and it breaks my heart. I am so thankful that growing up that my Mom never gave me any glimpse that she was unhappy with her looks or her body and we never discussed dieting or exercise. My parents made food as best they could and we enjoyed sports and being outside and being healthy happened naturally. Read this if you have girls, please.


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