Best gifts for a new mom that cost nothing

When cash is tight or your new momma has everything she could possibly need here are some ideas for the best baby gifts that cost nothing and make the journey into motherhood a little smoother.

  • Drop off a snack.  Don’t ring the doorbell, don’t tell her you are there, just text and tell her you left her something so she can get it when she can.  That way she won’t have to worry about taking a cat nap or getting dressed but she will have some nourishment! A fruit smoothie and fiber-full muffin would be fab.
  • Babysit.  Let her find her feet in the first few weeks but then see if you can pop round for an hour so she and her partner can pop out for a coffee and discuss what the heck has happened over the last few weeks.  Even 20 minutes away can do them wonders
  • Take some gorgeous pics.  Every Momma wants to remember this precious time but doesn’t really want to ask people to photograph them or have the budget for a high-end session.  If you are close enough ask if you can take some shots of them having a snuggle in bed or anything else that is everyday but beautiful.
  • Send a note of encouragement.  These times are emotional, trying and a little sleep deprived.  Even if you haven’t seen them, send a note to say you are thinking of them and why you think they are a good mom!
  • Organize a meal train.  If you have some friends or colleagues that might be up for helping out, offer to set up a meal train.  It is best to get their details (food requirements, who to contact for drop off, where to be left, etc)  before the baby arrives then sent out after the birth so everyone can pick a date.  Use – super easy and they will love it.

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