Meet the maker: Billy Bibs

Billy Bibs are a delight to work with and make the most beautiful handcrafted bibs, the perfect addition baby’sy babys Sunday best. We wanted to know more about these beautiful handmade bibs so we reached out and asked some questions! We want to inspire you to love and support new Moms so we have asked what made her entry into motherhood special.

Billy Bibs, beautiful handcrafted bibs for baby’s best

Tell us about yourself

HI! I am Kristina, a mommy to a 3-year-old boy and 1-year-old girl. When I had my daughter there were no pretty bibs out there! I designed a few that would look like a part of her outfits and I decided to sell them! That is how my company, Billy Bibs, was born. (You can check them out here)

What is your favorite thing about hand making baby bibs?

Designing! Pairing fabrics, making new patterns, buying lace… It is so much fun! (My favorite bib of this season:¬†Boho Bib)

What surprised you most when having your first baby?

How they just fit right into your family as if they were there from the beginning! You have so much love for them there are no words to describe it!

What was the best thing done for you or given to you when you had your first baby?

My husband is amazing, he took care of us day and night, making sure I was hydrated and fed, waking up with me at night. It meant so much knowing that he was right there with me and we were doing this parenting thing together. It wasn’t a your turn, my turn type of thing, it was both of us giving 100%.

What is your best advice for friends who don’t know what to get or do for a loved on having their first baby?

I think that right now, moms are pressured to bounce right back after having a baby. We want our bodies back, we want to continue our daily routines as if our bodies didn’t just go through a huge change. I think friends should encourage the mother to stay at home and rest, bond with the baby and heal. Bring meals, offer to clean the house, get groceries etc. As a new mother I wanted to bounce back right away and I would say no to a lot of help. Looking back, I wish I would have accepted it.

How do you choose the perfect gift for a new baby?

I like to hand make the gifts I bring! I know that they will be unique and something the mother doesn’t already have. I try to stay away from generic items because chances are that they already have those items. Etsy has so much great handmade and personalized baby items. Our bibs of course make a great baby shower gift! Haha! I had to put that in there. If you are still stuck on picking a gift, then buy books! You can never have too many books:)

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