Best things from the world of babies this week

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Best things from the world of babies this week


Raising an Adventurous Eater

When I saw the claims of this book, I was hooked! Growing up I was such a picky eater, macaroni, and chicken fingers were my staples and I now look back with so much frustration that I missed out on such amazing foods for so long! I even remember going to gourmet restaurants with my parents and the kitchen made me a pomme frites tower as I wouldn’t eat anything on the menu.  What huge shame!


So, in the hopes that I could fill my kids with adventurous palates I started making them things like Chicken Tarragon Fricassee from the French Gourmet Cook Book the for their first foods. The recipes are easy and they give clear guidelines on what age they are appropriate for. I loved adding flavour to their meals, knowing that there is so much enjoyment to come from food. It remains to be seen if my girls will spend their youth eating chicken fingers but for now, they are still gobbling up my chickpea curry!


On another French note, if you missed the popularity of the French parenting book Bringing Up Bebe a few years ago, it is another great read. I loved the suggested approach on giving your kids space to explore and discover on their own within defined boundaries. Even if you don’t agree with all of it, broadening your perspective on parenting styles so we can all understand each other is a helpful discipline so instead of judging other parents we can understand and support them.


Getting Crafty


There is no way that I can claim to be crafty, but I think I could manage one of these embroidery sets! Maybe it has been the many hours spent at a quiet cabin over the summer that is making me want to do something with my hands (besides type!) or maybe it is just because these remind me of what my Grandma would have made for my girls if she was still here, but I think they are a perfect addition to any nursery.


A Clever Little Baby Bottle Timer


Another little thing I came across this week are little band timers that you can keep on your bottle to make note of when it was made. Super simple and super helpful! I know I was always a little unsure about if it was good or not, so this takes the guess work out! Check out Baba Bandz on Instagram or shop their website.


Simplifying Parenthood – Puj


Sometimes you come across baby or kids companies that are really seeking genuine innovation, and I love it! I have worked with nearly every major kids manufacturer in my past and they are all on a spectrum of seeking profit vs seeking ingenuity. I love what Puj are up to – seeking genuinely helpful tools for parents! If you are looking for a great bath time gift, check out this, I wish I had an insert for our sink when my girls were that small!


In case you missed any of the beautiful product we dropped last week, you can check them out here.  I love the new milestone cards and the Ultimate Lux Baby Gift Bundle, they are scrumptious!


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