Hiring the Right Person

This was a big week for the Aston Baby team, we hired a new team member to give us more capacity by taking on brand partnerships and social media. Making space for creativity and product development.

Building Capacity and Hiring the Right Person


We’re a small team. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we find it
genuinely important to connect with our customers and our team members. This is
why we put focus on sourcing talented and driven employees that we can trust and
rely on. And who better to do so than with mothers?

Mothers are the multi-tasking queens of society. Need someone who is good with
time management and who obtain organizational skills far better than the average
Joe? Well, consider hiring a Mother!

A Mother knows the importance of balance. They know what it takes to get the job
done.  Of course this is not to undermine the skills that other non-parents may offer, but
this is to emphasize the quality and ability of a Mother.

The fact that we are seeing more mothers return to work after having children
should be reason alone to admire such people. Because as we all know, balancing
parenthood and work life is no easy feat. It’s one that needs adjusting to. It will take
some time to learn how to manage and prioritize certain tasks. And that’s perfectly
normal and ok; especially if you’re a Working Mother.

Balancing parenthood and work life is no easy feat


If you’re a Working Mother you know exactly what we’re talking about. You know
the importance of answering an e-mail with clear, direct thoughts rather than
spending 10 minutes to ensure the tone is ‘appropriate’.

You know that there’s no need to feel guilty for allowing your kids to watch an extra
episode of their Netflix show in order to get some work done after office hours.

You know it’s ok to say “no” to your co-workers’ invitation for dinner because it’s
taco night at home. And you can’t miss taco night!

A Mother knows when to say “no” and how to say “no”. They know what to focus on
in the moment- even if that means holding their crying, teething toddler,
encouraging the Mother to put their phone down. Or, taking a sick day when they’re
too exhausted from a sleepless night, knowing their work won’t be up to quality

And that’s what Aston Baby is here to do: To produce quality goods from quality
people. Because we’ve proven that hiring a Mother has done nothing but good for
our growing company. We’d like other companies to do the same, rather than

believe motherhood compromises their employee’s work ethic. It actually heightens
it. So, hire a Mother. We promise it won’t disappoint.

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