Everything You Need To Know About Baby Girl Shoes

You’re finally getting used to being a mom and realizing that you may sort of have things under control, I mean that’s loosely of course. You might even have figured out how to get in a shower each day before 4 pm and wear something other than your uniform– pajamas. However, just when you think you are ahead of the game, your beautiful baby girl now takes a new turn. Instead of being that tiny baby, you can dress up who just sleeps and eats and looks adorable, she is a fully functioning human with style and a sassy personality to match! With that, come some new terrifying advances as she gets older.

On The Move – Making Her Way Down The Catwalk!

Gone are the days of crawling, and instead, she is starting to take her first steps! Before we know it, she will be putting on that sparkly prom dress, but until then, we still have a say! This is an extremely exciting time for your baby girl as you hear the squeals that come with each step, as they are realizing they can get from one place to another on their own. This is also a huge step for mom and dad as seeing their baby girl be independent gives us parents a mix of emotions.

Shoe, Shoes, And More Shoes – A Baby Girl’s Dream!

Now that our little ones are off and moving, the big question always is…what baby girl shoes do I buy for her? Of course, your baby girl will want to be in glitter-filled tutu’s and have the cutest matching bow, so what shoe is needed to match this adorable outfit? What are the best ones for her little feet? It is important to find ones that will help her remain steady and safe as she tries to perfect her walking skills while also looking stylish and complimenting all of her pretty dresses, rompers, or everyday outfit.

Baby girls shoes - Aston baby

All About Those Ten Tiny Toes

It is essential for a baby’s feet in the first year to be taken care of well as they are soft and malleable and can be damaged easily from too much pressure, or due to having them stuffed into shoes that are not functional. While walking barefoot is the baby’s best scenario, it is not completely realistic in everyday life. A baby can take roughly 5,000-10,000 steps a day, depending on how steady they are on their feet as they learn to walk. Since your baby girl will need shoes when she is going out to go hand in hand with her headbands and rompers, there is only one baby girl shoe that fits the criteria needed to help our babies walk safe and steady. The best shoe out there is our Aston Baby Shaughnessy shoe!

Interesting Shoe Facts

Just when we think we are starting to learn everything there is about our babies, something changes and we are learning all over again. Who would have thought that we would need to become mini shoe experts?! To make the loads of information out there simplified, I have summed up a few interesting facts that we need to know and will help to give you a quick guide.

  • Children’s feet keep growing until they are at least 18 years old, which is a long time from now! It is suggested that we get our baby’s feet measured roughly every 4 months as they are in their growing prime!
  • Baby girl shoes should be replaced roughly every 4 months. This coincides with the fact that, first, their feet are growing at a high rate, and second, these kids are wearing out their shoes quicker than an adult would. Children are running, jumping, scratching, playing on rocks, gravel, etc, adding more wear and tear than we would.
  • Often children’s feet are different sizes; therefore, it is important to get them measured. Also, the size of your baby girl’s feet in one shop is not always the same size at another retailer. Make sure to look at the measuring chart for different stores.
  • Be careful not to let your baby girl outgrown shoes. Some children, especially your baby girl, can outgrow shoes very fast. Although 4 months is a rough estimate, these adorable baby girls cannot tell us when their shoe is getting too tight. Thus, we have to be vigilant in checking on the fit of their shoes regularly.

You can use this site for more information about guidelines for buying baby girl shoes if you want more help.

Now that we have an idea about what we need to look for and know when we need to buy our baby girl’s shoes, you need to narrow down which shoe will be the most beneficial for your ray of sunshine. There are so many options out there, however, one stands out from the rest, which is the Aston Baby Shoes. These are the shoes you must fill your daughters closet with! A girl can never be too young to start her very first shoe collection!

Top 3 Things To Look For In A Baby Girl Shoe



A shoe for a baby girl needs to be lightweight. If the shoe is too heavy or has a lot of extras on it, it can make it difficult for your baby girl to lift her own little feet to make those small steps that are giving her independence.

Flexible & Breathable

Besides being lightweight, you want them to be flexible and breathable. Having a baby girl shoe that does not hold their foot in tight or hinder them from being able to move their toes is key. By using breathable material such as leather or suede, the material will stretch and give to the baby’s ever-growing feet!

Flat Sole

Lastly, a shoe should have a flat sole. You want the baby girl shoe to simulate barefoot walking. You do not want to have their arches supported.

The Shoe Struggle

I’m sure we all had that moment where we put our daughter in an outfit with an adorable sparkling tutu, matching vibrant headband, and then tried to put the icing on the cake with the most amazing shoes to match. Yet, when you put a shoe on your baby girl, she scrunched up her toes, making you need superpowers to get them on! Then, once they were on, they came off almost immediately.

The Shaughnessy Shoe

Finally, the shoe that ends the struggle and is designed to meet all the criteria that you have been waiting for is our Aston Baby Shaughnessy Shoe. We have to say, we feel this is the best baby shoe out there! These shoes are for children 0-18 months and are not only practical, but stylish as well. Some other baby girl shoes out there do not have that sleek beautiful look to them like the Shaughnessy Shoe does, which gives it the edge over all other shoes. The red ones make the perfect complement to any holiday dress, but they move quickly! The color selections are perfect for a baby girls palette of colors in their wardrobe! They are a great match for a casual day at the park in jeans and a t-shirt or they can even pair well with a fancier outfit!

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Reasons Every Mom Needs to get their Baby Girl these Shoes!

Moms know the often daily struggle with getting a shoe on an energetic baby’s foot. Sometimes it is the last thing I would like to be doing. At times, putting on a baby’s shoes can make you feel as if you were trying to put on your favorite jeans after eating a huge piece of cake! Then, you get in the car, strap them in their car seat and you feel like you have conquered it all until your baby girl pulls off her shoes and you feel deflated after all your work was undone in three seconds. These are the top reasons why the Aston Baby Shaughnessy style shoe is at the top of the list for the best baby girl shoe.

Oversized Opening

The Shaughnessy shoe has an oversized opening to help get those baby feet fully into the shoe without all the struggling.

Velcro Baby Resistant

Not only does it have an easy opening, this baby girl shoe has velcro that is baby resistant! As much as our little ones think it is a game to take off the shoes we just struggled to get on them as they wiggled all over the place, this durable velcro prevents them from being able to pull off their shoes effortlessly.

Slip Resistant

To help with the development of your baby girl’s feet, this shoe has pliable suede soles that protect and is slip-resistant, so your baby does not feel like they are balancing on a tightrope as they learn to walk!


There is no hand stitching or rough seams that might be uncomfortable for your child, only the most comfortable top quality baby girl shoes.

Baby Girl Shoes

Trying to figure out when to get a baby proper walking shoes, or what size shoes you need, can be a stressful task for a new mom. Besides that, we need to learn about all the essentials of buying baby girl shoes.

Children’s feet grow rapidly; therefore you must get new shoes roughly every four months! You also want shoes that do not damage the growth of those tiny feet and toes by putting pressure on them. All moms will see that our Aston Baby Shaughnessy shoe is leading the baby girl shoe world. Soon your daughters closet will have all the colors out there and almost as many shoes in it as yours! They fit all the criteria that a mom would be looking for. They are lightweight, flexible, and breathable, and have a flat bottom sole. They also have the added easy access openings to make getting these stylish baby girl shoes on easier, which saves a busy mom so much time and energy. Our baby girl shoes are definitely a parenting WIN!

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