Find Out Why Moms Love These Mary Jane Shoes

How have Mary Jane shoes stood the test of time? How have they become such a classic? Now that we are all mothers, we find ourselves doing and saying many things that our own mothers said or did! Don’t do this, or make sure you clean up, and eat all your dinner!

Even when we once said we would never be the same way our mothers were, little did we know what would happen in the future!  While the kids are running around playing, sometimes we witness them playing with similar toys to ones we had when we were their age. There are a select few toys that are classics and time has not changed how enjoyable they are for youngsters.  Besides toys, there a few fashion trends that are classics and timeless as well.  These fashions stood the test of time.

Mary Jane Baby Shoes

The one fashion trend that was a staple during our childhood was the Mary Jane baby shoes. These are an everlasting style that is still popular today for kids everywhere.

The common look of this classic baby Mary Jane shoes are a baby shoe with a strap that goes across the baby’s instep and buckles or Velcro’s on the side to secure the show in place. They have a wide opening to allow easy access for a baby’s tiny, hard to control, squirming toes.  Some of these shoes in the past were used for formal occasions, while today, these shoes are used for any type of occasion!  You will find baby Mary Jane shoes on kids while at the park swinging from the monkey bars, going to the supermarket with their parent, or just every day playing at a friend’s house or in the yard. Not only are some pairs for girls, there are also unisex styles out there as well.

Aston baby shoes - mary jane shoes for toddlers and babies

Top 5 Reasons Why Moms Love These Mary Jane Baby Shoes

  1. They are easy to put on adorable baby feet! – These shoes have a wide open front which allows for all squiggly, wiggly baby feet to get in effortlessly without a struggle and stay in.
  2. They will stay secured and not end up on the ground! – Mary Jane baby shoes stay securely on your active baby’s feet due to the fastening on the side.
  3. A+ quality is of utmost importance! – This style shoe is durable and made from quality materials to help your child get a lot of great use out of them before they need another pair. With an active child, you need a quality product that will hold up to the rigorous demands of a baby’s feet.
  4. With a baby, safety comes first! – Mary Jane baby shoes often have great soles which allow them to be slip resistant and keep our little ones from toppling over.
  5. Each baby has a desire for their own stylish look! – These trendsetters stood the test of time and have not lost their exquisite name in the fashion community. They will surely make our babies stand out.

Are Baby Doll Shoes And Mary Janes The Same?

This question always seems to be asked when moms are chatting in the park discussing baby shoes. Ultimately, the answer to this common question is that, yes, they are basically the same style shoe.  They have wide openings, are easy to slip on, and fasten on the side. For most people, there is not much difference between the two styles, although the baby Mary Jane shoes definitely win out as the top style in baby shoes.

The Shaughneesy Baby Shoe        

With all the time spent looking for the perfect Mary Jane style baby shoe, moms do not need to look any further.  This Shaughnessy shoe has the classic look of the baby Mary Jane shoe and will never go out of style.  It has the timeless look that will be around for generations to come, hey maybe even our children’s children will be wearing these shoes too!

These Mary Jane like baby shoes are easy to put on due to the wide opening on them.  They also have a strong Velcro to ensure that your baby’s Mary Jane shoes stay on and are not torn off by tiny baby hands, or fall off when you aren’t looking as you’re carrying them.  Not only is this shoe stylish, it helps support the baby’s ever growing feet comfortably.  By being made out of leather and suede, the shoe is pliable and gives as the baby’s feet grow.

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The Must-Have Mary Jane Baby Shoe

These Shaughnessy Baby Shoes are exactly what a mom needs for her little one; you can see why Aston Baby Shaughnessy shoes is the best.  Besides being the timeless treasure that they are, they assist with the need for the healthy development of your baby’s little feet. When your child is running around playing, you want to make sure to minimize the amount of trips and tumbles they have while getting use to their new super ability, walking.

The Shaughnessy Baby shoe has soft malleable suede soles that are skid resistant! This non-slip/skid allows for their feet to grip, this way they do not take a spill on a hardwood or tile floor! Not only are these shoes amazing all around, they are made with the finest quality materials.

Stylish Colors

These totally practical, easy functioning adorably cute shoes come in so many different colors.  You can get each color to match all the many outfits your baby has in her closet! Some days when we dress our babies, we just can’t seem to find a cute pair of shoes that match and really complete our child’s outfit.

Our amazing Shaughnessy Baby Shoes come in pink, white, tan, navy, and grey.  Therefore, you never have to worry about matching anymore; we have an array to choose from. There is even a stunning red color to go with all the fancy outfits and dresses our babies may wear.

Clothing To Pair With Your Mary Jane Shoes

Now that we have a comfortable pair of Mary Jane shoes for our children, we want to pair them with a show stopping outfit! You can pair any of the spectacular colors of the Shaughneesy Baby Shoe with Aston Baby Clothing to complement the outfit as well. You can pair the Devon’s Drawer Hemp Dress with just about any color.  I would recommend pink for a nice spring, playful look or the red for a dinner party. For another look when it is cooler out, you can do the Devon’s Drawer Heathered Jersey Turtleneck. I would partner this with a grey or navy shoe. If you want to get daring and add a pop of color, go for the pink!  Either way, you cannot go wrong with any of these fashion finds with your Mary Jane Shoes.

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Crocheting Baby Mary Jane Shoes

Crocheting has become a stress relieving art form that many moms have taken a liking to while pregnant when you are trying to spend as much time as you can off your feet.  What better than to be creative, plus feel accomplished when you produce baby shoes, blankets, or sweaters for your baby.  For the crafty mom, a DIY project might be the way to go for the newborn or even infant slippers. You can work on crocheting your own pink and white baby girl Mary Jane slippers for your adorable bundle of joy!  If you follow the steps in this easy baby crocheting online tutorial video, you will have an amazing pair of booties. These booties will be easy to put on, chic, and made with love!

Toddler Mary Jane Shoes

Trying to find the best style shoes for your toddler can be a daunting task.  We have so much to worry about with feeding, sleep schedules, and doctors’ appointments, that figuring out fashion trends can sometimes end up on the back burner. However, seeking out the help of other mothers in the same boat is how we all survive and make the best of what precious time we have when we finally can accomplish some tasks kid free! The Mary Jane toddlee shoe is a timeless classic that has bridged generations. The

The Aston Baby Shaughnessy shoe is the perfect fit for every moms wants and needs in a shoe.  The Mary Jane baby shoe style has a wide opening, allowing moms to get shoes on fast without a struggle.  They fasten on the side with durable Velcro, so our delectably cute toddlers do not take off their shoes the second after we get them on them!  With all these features and remarkable quality material used to create these master pieces, they added non-slip for our exquisite walkers, alleviating a bit of stress on us moms. This allows us a bit of freedom, so we aren’t constantly shadowing our children in case they are about to slip and fall.

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