Everything You Need To Know About Baby Boy Shoes

There really isn’t anything more adorable than that little bundle of joy that you have in your arms right now, is there? Just look him over. Chubby cheeks, beautiful eyes, sweet grasping hands, ten tiny toes. Could he be any more perfect?! Of course not, but there are always ways that you can make him look even cuter!

Obviously, I am talking about clothing! There are so many great options out there for you to make sure your bouncing baby boy is breathtakingly beautiful in whatever style you desire. While most parents understand the importance of great clothes for their little men, not very many focus on great baby boy shoes.

I mean, let’s be honest, a good pair of shoes can make or break your boy’s ensemble, just like an adult’s! However, there are so many choices out there, that you might be thinking, I’m not sure what to look for in a pair of baby boy shoes…

Well, don’t worry! I’m here to give you the ins and outs of everything you need to know about baby boy shoes! I’ll tell you what to look for and point you in the right direction for what I’ve found to be the best (and most adorable!) baby boy shoes on the market today! All ready? Alright then, let’s get started!

So What Makes A Pair Of Baby Shoes Great?

When you are looking for the best pair of shoes for your baby boy, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. Whether you are online or out in the store looking at shoes, make sure you keep the following questions in mind.

Are They Easy To Get On?

Even the best-behaved babies are bound to be wiggly and squiggly, regardless of their age. That’s why you should be sure to look for a pair of baby shoes that are easy for you to get on their always freewheeling feet. When my little boy was a baby, he didn’t like to wear his shoes, and having a pair that was easy to get on to him was a lifesaver when we were running late, because he certainly wasn’t going to be all that helpful!

Are They Hard To Get Off?

No, not hard for you to get off, silly! You should always look for a shoe that is hard for your baby to get off. The last thing you want to have to do is to double back in a store right when you were about to leave because your baby decided to Houdini one of their shoes off. I’ve found that Velcro straps are usually the way to go when it comes to baby shoes, because they can easily be adjusted, but won’t be too tight either. However, make sure that the Velcro is high-quality stuff! If not, your baby will be strong enough to pull it apart quickly.

What Styles Are Available?

It seems today that you can get baby boy shoes to match any kind of style. There are shoes designed to look like sneakers, boots, or dress shoes. Depending on your style preferences you should be able to find what you are looking for without too much trouble. My choice, personally, whenever I start looking for new baby shoes is to go for a classic look. That way, I can easily match it to a ton of outfits, and won’t need to buy dozens of pairs of shoes. If a shoe is designed just right, you can put in on your little boy for lots of different occasions as well without the shoes looking out of place.

What Sizes Are Available?

So, you finally found the pair of baby boy shoes you’ve been dreaming of, but they only have one size! How infuriating is that? Now when your little boy has a growth spurt (read: every other week), you’ll have to go out shopping again! I know that whenever I go shopping for my two boys when I find any clothes item that I like, I always look to be sure that I can get it in multiple sizes. That way, I can be sure that I won’t have to go out seeking that item again. It saves a bunch of time, which frees me up to enjoy my family. Who doesn’t want more time for that?

And if you don’t know what is the right shoe size for you baby, take a look at our printable chart here.

Color Options

While this might not sound like earth-shattering advice, I have found with my own boys that if you find a pair of shoes that you like, looks good and stays on your baby’s feet, it isn’t a bad idea to get several pairs in a bunch of different colors. That way, you’ll always have a great pair of shoes for your baby boy regardless of whatever color outfit you are trying to pair them with.

What Kind Of Sole Should They Have?

This can be a bit tricky to answer. When your sweet little cherub is just an infant, you won’t need anything but a soft soled shoe, since they won’t be running or walking anywhere anyways. This also applies to the crawling, pre-walking, and walking stage. A soft shoe will help your baby to get a firm feeling for the ground under their feet and provide them with the right amount of balance as they take their first steps. Once they have mastered that and you’ll start letting them walk for an extended period outdoors, you might want to start looking into hard soled shoes.

How Will They Affect My Baby’s Growth And Development?

Something else you should think of when you are looking for baby shoes is how they might affect your baby’s development. A softer sole and suppler construction is definitely the way to go with a younger child since the bone structure in their foot is still developing. Even a toddler shouldn’t wear any shoes that are too rigid since this will cause quick discomfort and make them not want to wear the shoes at all. As much as you want to get you kid into shoes, you don’t want to end up doing long lasting damage to their delicate feet.

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So, What Are The Best Baby Boy Shoes On The Market?

There are literally thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of baby boy shoes out there in the marketplace. Even though you now know all the ins and outs of what you should look for in a great pair of baby boy shoes (you’re welcome!), it can still feel overwhelming when you try to apply that knowledge out in the real world.
That’s where Aston Baby comes into the equation. They have worked tirelessly to create the perfect pair of baby boy shoes, The Shaughnessy Shoe. Let me tell you, you will simply be blown away by the quality of these shoes! They are carefully crafted to last, whether your child is a sitter, scooter, crawler, walker or runner, they will take a licking and keep on ticking!

The Shaughnessy Shoe’s sole is another clear example of a high-quality design. They feature a soft, yet sturdy, suede sole which is ideal for your baby’s delicate developing feet. The sole will provide optimum protection and flexibility to allow your baby to comfortably explore the world around them, and look good doing it!

They come in a multitude of color choices and have a fresh yet classic look that will match up with tons of outfits! My personal favorites are the tan, but that’s just because I like to dress my boys in a more conservative and classic style. However, there are plenty of other colors that you can choose from to keep your little guy looking stylish!

Finally, the feature that I find to be the most impressive were the straps. First off, they don’t even look like they come apart, they are designed so well. If you don’t look at them carefully, you’d never even notice the Velcro strap on the underside. However, even though the strap is thin and the Velcro is even thinner, it is extraordinarily strong. So strong, in fact, that your baby will never be able to pry it open, but you won’t have any issue adjusting them.

Simply put, the Shaughnessy Shoe is beautifully built and carefully crafted, and are by far the best baby boy shoe that you’ll find on the market today.

A Perfect Fit

And there you have it! Everything you need to know to find the perfect shoe for your perfect baby’s perfect little feet. No matter which color choice you decide to go with, you can be guaranteed that the Aston Baby Shaughnessy Shoe will keep your baby boy comfortable and stylish. They are also a great choice regardless of your baby’s age since they come in multiple sizes. The semi-soft suede sole is great for a sitter, scooter, crawler, or runner since they won’t inhibit the natural muscle development and growth of your baby boy’s feet, but will still provide them with the protection they need on tougher surfaces. Anyway you look at it, these are the perfect pair of baby boy shoes.

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