How to Visit a New Mom Part Four: Quiet Time

If you missed the start of this series, we introduced Christina who is reflecting on having her first baby to give us a little guide on the do’s and don’ts of visiting a new Mom. If your thinking of dropping by, giving unsolicited advice or just curious about the best way to bless a new Mom, read on!

In general, visitors are welcome and so appreciated.  They truly are a part of making having a baby so memorable and special.  I am thankful to everyone that showed me love when my kids were born, I remember it with a heavy heart. I hope this gives you some insight on the things that are very appreciated, and some things to perhaps watch out for, just to make a new mom’s first few weeks easier.

How to Visit a New Mom Part Four: Quiet Time

It should go without saying, that a home that has a newborn, is pretty quiet.  The baby is sleeping, or should be, most of the day, and the momma needs rest.  While, most of the time this was the case, there were times where I did have a lot of noise that kept me and the baby up (this was a bit uncontrollable in my case, as I had landlords with kids and living in a downstairs suite).  When I would get the baby to sleep and try to sleep myself, or I was just really tired and wanting to get to sleep, there were times I could hear loud temper tantrums, or even had guests with very little kids come over that maybe stayed a bit too long.

On the flip side of that, I had people that tucked me into bed (like an aunt or a mom or a close friend) and told me to sleep and almost acted like a noise police for me. I can’t say how amazing that felt to not have to deal with a drop of noise sometimes.  They literally stayed there to make sure I slept…how lucky was I?  So, if you have kids and visiting a newborn, keep the visit to a suitable time, if a mom and baby look tired don’t be afraid to remind them to go sleep, they will love you for it.

Written by Christina Chandra. Christina Chandra is mom to two toddlers and enjoys discovering eateries and play places around the city. When she isn’t playing with her loves, trying a new smoothie recipe, or trying to stay afloat with busy mom life, she is blogging at Turning Mommy.

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