How to Visit a New Mom Part Two: Meal Trains and Help with Chores

If you missed last week, we introduced Christina who is reflecting on having her first baby  to give us a little guide on the do’s and don’ts of visiting a new Mom.

I recall those first weeks or so when I was a new mom, and then again when I had my second. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, fatigue, and pure joy. Truly, I loved receiving well wishes and people wanting to see my new love, so guests were welcome. It warmed our hearts to see how happy people were, and I will remember it always. However, looking back there were a few things that really stood out and made things easier for me, and some that maybe made me feel a little overwhelmed. Here are some of the key things that, I feel, are important to cover, if visiting a new mom, as per my experience

Meal Trains & Help with Chores

I was fortunate enough to have the help of 2 moms. They helped prepare meals for myself and my husband, so that I could focus on just taking care of the baby. We had an overwhelming sense of tiredness, waking up every 2 hours does take getting used to. Also, your body just needs rest as well, you basically just went through a marathon and have some recovery to do yourself. Having people help prepare meals, and do little things like help with laundry, was such a blessing and the best gift ever. Even when some family members would visit, they would bring a gift for the baby but also some snacks, or see some dishes in the sink and just clean up, without me asking or expecting that. I was fortunate to have close friends and family, pitch in when they would come by. That truly blew my mind and till this day, I am thankful for those things. I was not the first to have a baby in my family or group or friends, so other moms knew what was helpful. Now that I have been through it, I can say for sure, when I visit a new mom, I bring a snack and try to pitch in with dishes or something, anything little, goes a long way!

I had one visitor, who was actually a friend of our cousin, so not immediate family. But they were kind enough to bring a celebratory cake. It was beautiful and so thoughtful. Of course, when visitors arrive, you want to be able to offer some beverages and snacks, and be somewhat of a host…but as a new mom you may not have the energy or time to do so. Them bringing that cake was perfect. When other guests came over, I had a nice option to offer them. It was a really sweet thought, but they probably don’t realize how helpful it was too.

Written by Christina Chandra. Christina Chandra is mom to two toddlers and enjoys discovering eateries and play places around the city. When she isn’t playing with her loves, trying a new smoothie recipe, or trying to stay afloat with busy mom life, she is blogging at Turning Mommy.

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