What do you hope your child learns from you?

On Mothers day, I went for a solo walk and thought about what I would want my kids to know if I was ever to leave this world without saying goodbye. Melodramatic for a celebratory day, I know, but having lost my Mom without a goodbye, it got me thinking.

I came up with these three things. They are very personal to me but I thought I would share. I am also genuinely interested on what you would say! If you are feeling brave, I’d love it if you could share too.

So there were many things about fun, adventure, love, etc., but these were my three.

  1. Never make a decision based on fear. It helps make sure you are not living life too easily and will always get the greatest rewards. Plus failure can help us too!
  2. Know your God for yourself and know Him well. Nobody can do this for you, you have to stand on your own two feet and great gifts come from knowing Him.
  3. Never lose hope.

These are so so personal, and I know everyone has different values, so please tell us what do you want your child to learn from you?

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