Are These The Best Baby Shoes?

Baby shoes come in a bewildering array of types and styles. If you’ve got a little one and you’re looking for the best baby walking shoes designed to encourage natural movement and give little walkers the confidence and support they need to take their first steps, what are they?

From scooting to crawling, cruising to tottering, and walking to running, whether indoors and out, Aston Baby makes the best baby shoes for newborns to 24 months. Our shoes promote natural, healthy foot development, with a classic style that’s practical for moms and little ones, and lovingly crafted to last.

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Introducing The Shaughnessy Shoe

We’ve been inspired by classic design. In crafting our own baby shoes, we wanted to combine utility with a design that looks great but that’s best for little feet. We spent countless hours prototyping and refining the design and shoe details to make them perfect for little feet. So what makes these the best shoes for babies?

  • Classic styling – These are fashionable baby shoes, designed to span generations of changing styles and trends
  • Easy-on, stay-on shoe – Our over-sized opening with practical, adjustable velcro provides “easy on, stay on” functionality and ensure a perfectly snug fit as your baby’s foot grows
  • Good for baby foot development  The super-soft leather flexes to support tiny, growing feet and provide non-constricting comfort needed for the healthy development of their feet
  • Soft, skid-resistant suede sole  Our unique, super flexible, non-slip, non-skid, semi-soft leather sole allows feet to grip, maintaining flexibility and is designed to help prevent slipping
  • Premium quality – Each shoe uses the finest high-quality leather and materials made to give and stretch and is hand-inspected to ensure there are no rough seams or bad stitching

Baby shoes – what’s best for little walkers?

For all baby shoes, medical experts agree that when it comes to the healthy development of little feet, barefoot is best. Being barefoot all day, every day isn’t always practical, so experts recommend soft, flexible-soled footwear as the best for baby shoes and toddlers. They’re the next best thing to being barefoot. Here’s an overview of the features that make our Aston Baby shoes great for little ones.

Soft, skid-resistant, suede sole baby shoe

The best baby shoes mimic walking barefoot. Our unique shoes mimic bare feet by flexing and bending with every step. We wanted a sole that was flexible but that also provided some protection. It’s a design choice we made to support and not constrict growing feet. We wanted to promote good balance and unrestricted growth, while providing some protection for little feet from bumps in the road. The sole is thick enough to prevent an ouch when stepping on a rock but soft enough to promote good foot development.

Classic styling in the perfect baby shoe

Our first design is a classic t-bar shoe that spans generations and all styles. Everything we do at Aston Baby is classic and heirloom, which are our guiding principles. These baby shoes are built to last and built to span generations of changing styles and trends!

Easy-on, stay-on baby shoes

With two small children of our own, we know that a baby shoe should look great, but needs to be practical too. That’s why we’ve made our baby shoes super easy to put on, with a super tough velcro fastening. The over-sized opening means putting the shoe on a squirming baby is easy. And the velcro ensures a perfectly snug fit as a baby’s foot grows and makes it easy for mom to put on, but tough for your little ones to take off. We have sourced the strongest velcro and tested with the most rambunctious babies to ensure they stay on.

Premium quality baby shoes

We all want the best for our babies, and for baby shoes, it’s no different. We’ve sourced the highest quality premium materials and found a supplier for beautifully soft leather that’s non-toxic, breathable as well as durable and made to last. To ensure high-quality, we’ve hand-inspected each shoe to ensure it’s been made just right, and that there are no rough seams or bad stitching that might be uncomfortable for a baby’s foot.

Baby shoes in colors for every season

Whether you’re looking for baby boys shoes or baby shoes for girls, we’ve got a range of colors in for everyone. We’ve got white baby shoes, navy blue baby shoes, grey baby shoes, white baby shoes, and tan baby shoes in our Shaughnessy baby shoe collection. We’ve chosen these classic colors for their flexibility in matching outfits but and also to add a spark of color and fun to every outfit.

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5 replies on “Are These The Best Baby Shoes?

  • Ashahel Jacobs

    I absolutely love these baby shoes! They are so soft and comfortable for my daughter and very well made. I also love the look of the buckle, but that it is actually Velcro to get them on and off easily. I definitely recommend this product!

    Instagram: @scout.xo

  • Claire Pallen

    Is there a store in Vancouver? If so can I buy a gift card for my daughter for our granddaughter. She is not quite walking but is on the move and will need good shoes when she does.

  • Claire Pallen

    Thank you. I also asked if there is a store in Vancouver? It might be a good idea for the child to try on shoes first.

    • Rebecca Aston

      We have our shoes in many retailers across Vancouver. Some of our favorites that you can check out and try on our shoes are Lussobaby, Pebble and Giving Gifts on Main.
      Rebecca x


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