Hospital Bag Checklist

So, as we wait for baby number three I keep singing in my head ‘My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…’, this is now the longest I have ever been pregnant (as my other two came at 38 weeks) and I am feeling like I am in a bit of a rut. My hair and nails have been done, and all the things I have been putting aside until after baby comes are staring me in the face and I can’t hide from them anymore so here I am, updating our blog!

I thought I could shed some light on a popular question…what do you pack in your hospital bag? As I happen to have one to hand, here goes!

– my own pillow
– PJ’s, I know they are likely to get dirty with all kinds of things but changing out of a hospital gown and into something else can make you feel human again. I just splurged and order the Mayfair PJ’s from Victoria’s Secret. Since I know the work I am about to put in (and have for the last nine months), I feel I can justify it!

a few things for me
– slippers
– earplugs
– snacks – I have chocolate covered almonds, popcorn, dried mango, nuts and I have told my husband to pack his own! Your partner won’t get any food in hospital so make sure he is taken care off
– bamboobies nursing pads (although I don’t think my milk has ever come in before leaving the hospital)
– super loose fitting shirt (post bebay jelly belly is the wrost!)
– leggings
– thick socks
– super ugly XL undies
– toiletries including shampoo and conditioner, if you are able a full shower and clean hair can do wonders
– phone, camera and chargers

a few of my favourite things for baby
– my new swaddle and knot beanit from KB Cute Designs
– a super huge and multi purpose muslin from Modern Burlap
– a very cute unisex knit outfit from Zara to take baby home in
– car seat
– car seat insert from JJ Cole (it is still pretty cold here!)
– a soother/pacifier for baby (controversial, I know, but I use them and the hospital won’t give you one)
– my notebook, where I have written down all my potential names

I think this list is super simple and the basics. Don’t forget the hospital really supplies everything you need, so you just need to have anything else you want to be a bit more comfortable. We have always been given diapers, pads, perineum spray bottle, nipple cream, dry wipes, wash for baby, net underwear in abundance and also told to take them extra home, which we always do!

The time at the hospital also passes so quickly, there is so much happening with meeting your little one, notifying friends and family, and trying to catch up on sleep you really are out of there and back home in a blink of an eye. Then the real fun begins! Good luck!!

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